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The  human element...

About Us

The Artist

Guy Brudahl is a Bucks County artist whose primary mediums are blown glass, photography, and the written word.   Raised on the banks of the Mississippi, and the bluffs of Wisconsin; the wonderment and spirit of nature quickly became a key element in the creative process.  As a former board member of the Arts and Culture commission of Middletown, Director of Panasonic's Kid Witness News Program, and President of the Tyler Literary Society, Guy has worked to promote and create art whenever possible.  Though not prolific, he is inspired by nature and the elements of man's creations that either harmonize or conflict in natural spaces.  Working environmentally, or from the glass studio of the Hicks Arts Center in Newtown Pennsylvania, he applies unorthodox techniques to create works that capture the emotion of humanity and the beauty of nature.

The power of art

Healing Vessels:

Glass made by hand and the elements of creation: From the sands of time 

Winds, and breath of life

Fires that transform 

And the waters that chill and vaporize into space... 

Once each unique work is cooled over several days they are returned to their origins, to nature. Here the healing vessels bask in the rays of the sun and are fed by its warmth and energy. 

Bathed and cleansed by the ocean's waves and purified by flowing streams and brooks. 

I believe in the positive energies of nature, spirituality, and the positive thoughts of people. 

Healing vessels are collectors of all these positive healing energies thoughts and prayers. They find their way to special people who have fallen ill or who are in difficult places in their lives. Healing vessels are forever filling, and radiating the love and spirit of life that we share together.

Buyers & Collectors

I'm not sure who said it, but I fully agree:

- If I wanted to make two of something, I'd make socks. -

Each work is unique, blown in the hot shop, and never produced.  Before any work is signed, it is introduced back into nature and the human habitat.  There, these works are photographed; capturing the metamorphic transition from elements of nature to living forms of art. Glass and photographic work is for sale by select galleries or by contacting me directly via Facebook message or phone. Thank you for your interest and ongoing support, Guy…